5 Hour Pre-Licensing Course 

A Pre-licensing Course Completion Certificate (also known as Form MV-278) is a certificate issued by a commercial driving school, to an individual who has taken a DMV-approved 5-Hour Pre-licensing Course. These certificates enable the recipients to schedule and take a road test with the DMV.


We will now be offering the 5 Hour Pre-Licensing Class Online. To register please call our office to reserve a spot and make arrangements. Please note that the student will not be eligible to participate in the class unless they register in advance. Please call us at 718-745-4435 to make arrangements. 

The Schedule for the Upcoming Online 5 Hour Classes are as follows: 


  • Wednesday, June 19th, 2024, 5:30 PM

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Please write "Register for 5 Hour Class" in the message box if you plan on attending with a number we can reach you best. We will contact you to make arrangements. ​​​​​​​